March 16, 2018

Our Game List

With Gamers On The Roll, you always get to choose which games you want (or don’t want) played during your party. Just let the Game Coach know your choice of games, and even bring your own games if you wish!

Video game party in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Taylor, Michigan and game truck in Toledo, Ohio

Want to know the content of any of our games?  Check out the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) and just type the game name in the Search Box.  Click here for the ESRB web site.

Our games are listed by game platform below:

Xbox One X:

Minecraft x2

Madden 18

MX Vs. ATV All Out

LEGO Worlds

Forza 7

NBA 2k18


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

RARE Replay

Halo Master Chief Collection

Trackmania (Only in Non-VR)

Flatout 4 (Only in Non-VR)

PlayStation 4 Pro:

Rocket League

LEGO Star Wars

Ghostbusters (Only in Non-VR)

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Injustice 2

MLB 18 The Show

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite

Street Fighter V

Rayman Legends


PlayStation VR:

PlayStation VR DriveClub

PlayStation VR Worlds Game Disc

Skyrim VR

Bravo Team


Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Just Dance 2018

Kirby Star Allies

Splatoon 2

Pokémon DX Tournament

ARMS (Only in Non-VR)

Coming Soon:

Super Mario Odyssey, Doom, Call of Duty: WW2, Monster Hunter, Cuphead (Digital Only), Crackdown 3

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